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Do we have to supply the content?

Typically, a client will provide us with their edited content and we do the design and formatting.

In some cases, a client would like to do some or all of the content preparation internally. In that case, we can provide a template (in the current version of Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign) which includes specifications for content, fonts and graphics.

Please click here for helpful tips on writing your Infoflip.

What about writing and formatting?

Should you request it, Infoflip can source a third-party writer/editor. Once your content has been submitted, we will then reorganize and reformat your information to fit into an Infoflip.

What graphic design does InfoFlip provide?

Infoflip lays out the customer’s content including all text and images using a proprietary Adobe InDesign template to create an artwork file specifically set up for commercial printing.

Is Infoflip available in any language?

Yes! Since the translation is subject-matter sensitive, we recommend that you provide your own translation so the jargon is correct for the job/industry. Should you request it, Infoflip can source a translator or translation service to assist.


How long does it take to format the material we provide?
Infoflip is manufactured in Germany. How long does it take to ship?

Infoflip is shipped via air to the closest international airport, where they’re cleared through customs and forwarded to you. Turn-around time from approval of final artwork to delivery is approximately 3 – 4 weeks. Infoflip is Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)


How much will it cost?

Like any commercially-printed product, Infoflip costs are variable and are impacted by the size of the Infoflip, the volume of the print order and the time we have to spend on your project. We’ll discuss your specific needs and review your material before we provide a detailed quote.

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What is the minimum order size?

There is a minimum print-run size of 50 units. As with any printed product, the unit price decreases as the number of copies ordered increases.


Is an Infoflip water resistant?

Yes! Infoflip provides a cellophane option, a spill and tear-resistant protective layer that is requested by almost all of our clients. It adds tremendous strength and durability, a smooth feel and a no-glare, matte finish to the Infoflip cover and pages.

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