The Infoflip® Process

Content Creation

Choose the document that you would like to convert into an Infoflip. This could be an Employee Handbook, Safety Manual, Emergency Response Plan or a Field Training Guide.

Confirm/determine who the end user is going to be and how the end user will want to access and act on the content included in the Infoflip. Decide which information is important and how much you want to put into the Infoflip. 

Use our proprietary calculator to calculate your page count.

Thoroughly audit/edit your content, then use one of our Microsoft Word templates to test your content before proceeding to design and layout.

Word templates

Once you’re happy with your content, we proceed to Artwork.

Our designers work closely with you to create the formatted, finished artwork that will effectively reach your users. A first draft usually requires 4 – 5 business days, and subsequent revisions and additional drafts require 24 –48 hours.*

When your final print-ready artwork is complete, the files are sent to Germany where infoflip are produced.

* If you wish to use your own professional graphic artist, we’re happy to share our proprietary Adobe InDesign templates and guide your designer through the process. 

Formats & Solutions

Click on size choice to see layout below. 

(Open width = 210mm)(Open width = 210mm)(Open width = 320mm)(Open width = 424mm)
(Cover height = 136mm)
Max Words:1000
Tabs: 4
Pages: 4
Max Words: 2000
Tabs: 8
Pages: 8
Max Words: 3000
Tabs: 12
Pages: 12
Max Words: 4000
Tabs: 16
Pages: 16
(Cover height = 190mm)
Max Words: 2100
Tabs: 6
Pages: 8
Max Words: 4200
Tabs: 12
Pages: 16
Max Words: 6300
Tabs: 18
Pages: 25
Max Words: 8400
Tabs: 24
Pages: 33
(Cover height = 210mm)
Max Words: 2800
Tabs: 8
Pages: 11
Max Words: 5600
Tabs: 16
Pages: 22
Max Words: 8400
Tabs: 24
Pages: 33
Max Words: 11200
Tabs: 32
Pages: 44
(Cover height = 230mm)
Max Words: 3500
Tabs: 10
Pages: 14
Max Words: 7000
Tabs: 20
Pages: 28
Max Words: 10500
Tabs: 30
Pages: 42
Max Words: 14000
Tabs: 40
Pages: 56


The “Pages” in the spreadsheet are the replacement volume. So, a Short Triple with 18 tabs replaces a 25 page document.


Who Does What

Owner – Who DoesTime requiredTask
CustomerDay 0The customer will provide a document that contains the content wanted in the Infoflip. This should preferably be formatted to fit the Infoflip Word template. This can include text & images. The customer will provide all images, including photos, logos, charts, infographics and any other graphic elements separately as high resolution image files*.
Flip Productions+ 5 daysFlip Productions will complete the layout, design and create final print-ready artwork in Adobe InDesign. Flip Productions will provide a first draft as a PDF to the customer
CustomertbdReview first draft and provide revisions and edits to Flip Productions
Flip Productions+ 2 daysComplete revisions and edits and provide a second draft PDF of Infoflip to Customer
CustomertbdReview second draft and provide revisions and edits to Flip Productions
Flip Productions+ 2 daysThird draft PDF of Infoflip to Customer
Customer + FlipRepeat cycle as necessary until all revisions are complete
Flip Productions+ 0 daysFinal draft PDF of Infoflip to Customer
CustomertbdReview final draft and provide approval to proceed to print to Flip Productions.
Flip Productions+ 0 daysArtwork files sent to Germany for production
Flip Productions+ 10 – 12 daysProduction, printing and finishing of Infoflips in Germany
Flip Productions+ 5 – 7 daysInfoflips shipped from Germany, cleared through customs and delivered to customer at one location.


* Supplied images must be provided as high-resolution image files (JPEG, EPS, TIF formats, for example) from a verifiable source, and the customer must have permission to reproduce these images. This includes all content that is not editable text.


  • Flip Productions has access to a library of licensed stock images if required, for a nominal fee.
  • Flip Productions can access the services of a professional illustrator should the need arise. There will be an additional cost for this service, for which a quote can be provided when required.

Have any questions? Check out our FAQ page.